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Hello there,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope to explore issues and topics that you can enjoy and give you food for thought!

You may be wondering why I have linked two completely apposing interests together.  Well my answer is that I am in the midst of a career change; I have decided to go back to University to study Psychology after years of being a Creative. Lets explore this section first before we move onto the latter as I have a tendency to get over excited and bounce from topic to topic.

I have always had a genuine interest in the workings of the mind as well as debates surrounding this topic…why someone makes the choices they do? Why people feel and think the way they do? Why is acceptable to tell people you have a bad back but it’s still somewhat ‘taboo’ to mention you are suffering from a depression for example?

Therapists have been a big part of my life from around the time I ‘properly’ started seeing one in my early twenties when the ‘Sh*t hit to fan’ so to speak… and yes I would say this had a huge influence on my decision to swop the tissue box for the notepad and pen.

I come from a background of grief, trauma, dysfunction and illness… and just to make things confusing there was love, happy times and support mixed into the concoction too. ( I hear from people this is quite normal for family life, I guess it just depends on the quantity of the ingredients put into the mix). I won’t go into my past too much at this point as I want to keep it on blog territory and not memoirs, but I will be exploring in later posts.

So why Make Up? Exploring Mental Health at some points might get quite heavy, so I wanted to keep it light by throwing in some fun things too. I love make up! Having come from a modelling/acting background it was a big part of my work, so I will be sharing tricks of the trade as well as trying new techniques and recommendations. I will be collaborating with expert Makeup Artists in the industry to give you that ‘I woke up like this’ perfection. (I want the excuse to try new Make Up!)

Everything in between. This involves, fitness, Theatre/Film reviews, work etc… But as it says on the tin my main focus will be Mental Health and Make Up, at times combining the two, stay tuned to see what I’m going on about.

Hope you are as excited about this journey as much as I am!

Warmest Regards

Samantha x


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