Eyebrows 🤔


Eyebrows can be a girls best friend …or her worst enemy!

Looking through old photo’s of myself I can see in hindsight the torture I put my eyebrows through whilst I was going through my trial and error phase that lasted about 10 years!

I didn’t listen to my Grandmother who warned me to not over pluck my naturally thick voluptuous eyebrows, I was determined to turn them into tadpoles. It was in fashion to call those few wispy bits of hair that were remaining eyebrows.

I’m quite lucky that I’ve managed to grow my eyebrows back, albeit a few gaps here and there. Saying this I recently had a beautician wax off too much hair, as well as a bit of skin, I was not a happy customer!

These days we’re lucky in that there are so many ways we can heal the damage from years of getting over excited with the tweezers. Serums, Micro blading, tattoos and my personal favourite dye (hence the slightly odd photo above). The reason I like this method so much is because it’s not painful. I hate filling in my eyebrows and when you dye them it can slightly tint the skin so you don’t have to fill in as much, it’s cheap and gives definition. I use black which may scare people into thinking they are going to end up with eyebrows that look like stamps, but in actual fact it still looks natural just as long as you don’t leave the dye on too long. I use ‘Eyelure: Pro brow’, if you are worried about dying your eyebrows yourself, there are lots of salons who offer this service for a reasonable price. When applying, do take care though and smear some Vaseline around your eyebrows to stop it dying skin outside of the eyebrow area. Just a heads up I’m based in London where you can purchase ‘Eyelure’ from ‘Superdrug’ or ‘Boots’. I found when I went to Los Angeles, I couldn’t find an eyebrow dye home kit anywhere so there’s no choice but to go to the salon. I’ve only experienced this in LA but depending on your geographic location you may have to rely on the good old internet to purchase this item.

An incredible Make Up Artist friend of mine Anna Priadka used a NARS eyebrow pencil in ‘Suriname’ to perfect my shape. It had a smooth tip to ensure there were no sharp lines. (I’m not a fan of pencil’s but the way she did them was amazing…I have never been able to copy her standard!) It wasn’t such a harsh shape which I liked, and it was only used to trace the eyebrows not fill in the whole brow. You can see more Make Up tips on her YouTube channel:

Anna Priadka Make Up Tutorials

Obviously if your eyebrows are on the fairer or sparser side it may be an idea to use a bit more makeup to fill them in. I know some blondes/redheads find this difficult, as it seems to be easier to find the right shade for darker brows. You also have to take into consideration your skin tone too.

Watching Make Up tutorials on Instagram is my guilty pleasure. To be honest I find some of it too strong and overpowering but the majority of the time the techniques are pretty impressive. Sometimes I watch them for tips and ideas and then recreate my own natural version as I’m not really a fan of razor sharp eyebrows.

To wax or not to wax?

Apart from the ripping skin trauma I would say waxing is my favourite method for keeping my brows under control. I don’t know why anyone let me out of the house in my teenage years with eyebrows that looked like they had the life plucked out of them. And if that wasn’t bad enough I had matching racoon eye’s to finish off the ‘I’m experimenting’ look that I look back on now and cringe.

I think photographs tell a different story to what we see in the mirror, the mirror can’t always be trusted. Since Cara Delevigne burst into our lives and over took social media, it has been in fashion to have bushy eyebrows; the thicker the better. I ditched the tweezers, cancelled my eyebrow wax appointment and decided to let my eyebrows grow au natural. Just a gentle warning you will have to go through that awkward phase where they just look absolutely horrendous whilst growing out. Looking back I should have just worn a sign on my forehead that said ‘Work in Progress’. Finally the day came when I was complemented for my heavyweight brows; sure I also got into dying at this stage to encourage the illusion and distract from the gaps, but all round I was content.

But then you have to wonder if it suits your overall look. Whilst I rocked my new fully (ish) grown eyebrows for a while, I started to get aggravated about how unkempt they looked no matter what I did with them. So I was back at the Salon with my tail between my legs, I think they were actually happier that they had more to work with. I got them threaded and even though they looked great I really can’t handle the pain of threading! I figured the in between look suits me best, not too thin, not too thick. I love high fashion girls with bushy eyebrows but had to come to the realisation that I can’t really pull that look off.

I would recommend trying to see the same beautician every time, that way you are both on the same page about what you want or what you are trying to achieve. If you opt for plucking your own eyebrows, start with a little at a time, you can always take off more but you can’t put back in. There’s certain measurements you can use to help you, I recently had to give up a bit of thickness and opt for symmetry which was actually hard to do as I’m reluctant to give up thickness in case it doesn’t grow back, but I realised it was for the greater good.

I think it’s a well known Make Up tip that you can use a pencil at the side of your nose to measure the eyebrow dimensions. For example, placing the pencil diagonally from the nose up to the eyebrow to find out where the end of the hairs should finish and then straightening the pencil to see where the brows should start. One trick I use is to line the eyebrows all around with a dark liner to attain the desired shape, then pluck the hairs that are outside of this drawn on shape.

I spoke earlier about different techniques, for example micro blading, tattooing and actually just remembered HD brows! I can see myself getting addicted to HD brows, but right now I’m really into acrylic nails so it’s about balance. If I had to spend all my money on beauty treatments I want then sure I’d look good, but I would also be homeless and starving.

A friend of mine had micro blading done recently, and her eyebrows look fab! She’s blonde so it’s sometimes a little more difficult to achieve thickness and definition. There’s many pros to this treatment; it’s long lasting, achieves thickness and definition, you don’t have to use Make Up on them… and one obvious con… the pain! No pain no gain! I will probably at some point look at getting this done, but I feel my next obsessions is going to be eyelash extensions.

Eyebrows have the ability to give the impression you are more alert and awake, which we all need from time to time after a late night binge session on Netflix. They are also important when it comes to framing the face.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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