Summer Time Make Up! 🌅


I have literally just managed to claw myself out of the eye of the storm. I was hit hard by chronic low moods and anxiety; I have not slept properly, survived on takeaways and just felt all round blahhhh!

Even though I don’t feel 100% I don’t want to appear dishevelled, especially when the world of work demands a certain level of grooming, (not as much as the modelling days thank goodness!).

So these are my tips for looking bright and perky when your feeling anything but!

Firstly if you’ve not been sleeping or eating right and you’ve been relying on caffeine to get you through the day then your skin will lose its vitality.  If your like me, it will have a grey hue to it that sometimes I think requires a ‘Death becomes her’ makeover. But fear not… highlighting and colours are your friend, and will help you on your way towards capturing that perfect Summer Glow.

Back to basics.

  1. Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin, this will plump the skin and put some life back into it.
  2. Next I exfoliate using ‘Balm Balm: Hibiscus Face Mask’. This product is amazing and organic! The beads are small but resilient, and don’t dissolve away like some other products I could mention so you can scrub away for as long as you like…. not too long though, you want some skin left at the end of it.
  3. After exfoliation I use a Body Shop facial mask called ‘Ethiopian Honey’… I love this as I tend to suffer from dry skin and eczema, so after the dead skin cells have been removed through exfoliation I indulge my skin by slathering on the mask. Admittedly it is rather sticky so I wouldn’t recommend sleeping in it over night.
  4. Next step is to use a Hyaluronic Acid Serum, ‘The Ordinary’ skincare range has an amazing one which revives the skin and gives a healthy glow. Hyaluronic Acid is renowned for drawing water to the skin and giving you baby soft skin.
  5. ‘Embryolisse’ is a wonderful cream. It has a milky consistency and smells divine! You can apply it thicker and use it as a mask, or a little bit less and it turns into an everyday moisturiser.
  6. Then the final product of my skincare range is sunscreen. I use between 30 to 50 SPF. I would rather prevent the signs of ageing rather than to try and fix it later on; sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful UVA/B rays,  but also from other elements such as harsh winds, icy weather etc…everyone should be using sunscreen everyday, not matter what your age is. Some foundations have added SPF to their formulas but I don’t feel it’s enough, especially living in London; Free Radicals are the enemy and we must fight against them!!
  7. Onto the fun stuff! In the above photograph I haven’t worn a base, but I did use a self tan to give me a sun kissed look as my freckles have come out with the sun, which I used to hate but now I don’t mind. The product I used is ‘Xen-Tan’ which you can purchase from SpaceNK. Its a luxury product filled with antioxidants which is another weapon we can use in our artillery against the signs of ageing. I would recommend using a self tan specifically designed for the face vs the body version which can be slightly drying, due to the fact the skin on the body is slightly thicker than the face.
  8. I then dusted over some ‘MAC Bronzer: Mineralize Skin finish Natural’ in ‘Give me Sun!’. I used this all over my face for a healthy glow using a powder brush, then using a angle powder brush I trace under the cheekbones to sharpen them. If you’re unsure how to do this, strike a ‘Blue Steel’ pose in the mirror and where the cheeks are hollow that’s where to shade in . You can use a little bronze on the neck so it matches the face. This is not the time for the ombre look not matter how much I love it on hair, nails, lipstick etc…!
  9. To give me a Summer Time pick me up I applied a touch of blush to the apples the cheeks to give a healthy flush, which sometimes I find quite difficult to achieve with the less brighter colours. The current colour I use is ‘MAC: Blush’ in ‘Peony Petal. It’s a bright pink with a hint of coral, but I only use a small amount otherwise you can end up looking like Noddy! (Gosh I’m really giving my age away with these TV and Film references!) Colour and radiance are essential for combatting signs of dishevelment and fatigue, though it must be strategically placed, otherwise you could end up looking like a doll. Do a cheesy grin and where the cheeks are most prominent right next to the nose is where to apply the colour.
  10. You guessed it I used ‘MAC’ again. Highlighter is to Make Up is what perfume is to the perfect outfit. In the photo I used ‘Mineralize Skin finish’ in ‘Soft and Gentle’, I love this product, just a touch on the cheekbones, brow bone, inner corner of the eye and voila! A bit of shimmer really goes a long way! I also sometimes use a lightweight highlighter under my tinted moisturiser to brighten my complexion. My favourite is ‘Rimmel: Good to Glow’ in ‘Notting Hill’ which mixes nicely with foundations and tinted moisturisers to give a touch of glamour and vibrancy.
  11. In my last post you would have read how I keep my eyebrows in place. I haven’t pencilled them in today as I have recently dyed them which helps give coverage and shape. Also I sprayed some hairspray on my finger which I used to wipe over my brows to keep them under control!
  12. Eyes: I used a thin line to define the eyes from exactly above the iris to the outer corner of the eye; my favourite product at the moment is ‘Maybelline Master Ink Satin’ in ‘Charcoal’, this is the base line for the look I’m about to create.
  13. Have your eye shadow brush at the ready as this stuff sets quickly! ‘Laura Mercier: Caviar Stick’ in ‘Tuxedo’ is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. It’s creamy formula that’s easy to use, creates a natural or dramatic smoky eye and unlike a lot creamy textures it stays on for hours without creasing. For day time I line a little bit of product against the original thin liquid line, I then work quickly to smudge the line with the eyeshadow brush creating an ombre effect. Sometimes I extended the line to create a cat eye, but today I couldn’t be bothered. If you want extra smudge you can even use your finger, which is what I did here. A copper eyeshadow really compliments this look; I recommend ‘Urban Decay: Heat Palette’ eyeshadow in ‘Dirty Talk’… great for making blue eyes pop! Brown eyes I recommend a lighter champagne colour ‘L’Oréal: Infallible Eyeshadow’ in ‘Iced Latte’ gives the eyes a beautiful sparkle.20180523_222512.png
  14. Curling the eyelashes creates a wide awake appearance, as well as length and volume! Even if I don’t wear Makeup and I’m feeling good I can guarantee someone will ask if I’m feeling ok… so you can understand why I don’t go out facially naked if I’ve been feeling under the weather. I’ve learnt that if I can only handle the absolute minimum; a curl of the lash, a lick of mascara, a brush of bronzer and a dabbing of lipstick is enough to deter people away from the fact I’ve probably only had 4 hours sleep. I used to use ‘Shu Uemuras’ cult classic curlers but have been persuaded by ‘Kevyn Aucoins’ version which is very similar but slightly easier to use. I set my eyelashes with ‘Eyeko: Skinny Brush Mascara’ this is easy to use on curled lashes and prevents them from straightening out half way through. I sometimes curl my eyelashes after applying Mascara which I know this is a massive Make Up No No! But…… do as I say not as I do 🙂
  15. And for the grand finale, I introduce to you Electric Coral lips! If you’re out and about pop on some shades to become the ultimate Hollywood idol with this lip colour! I start with ‘Body Shop: Vitamin E Lip Balm’ to hydrate the lips, then after blotting with a tissue I go in for the kill. ‘NARS’ has created Velvet Matte pencils that are to die for; I’m slowly but surely buying my way through the whole series. The colour is called ‘Red Brick’ you can use it day or night. Its fun, bright and vibrant and doesn’t dry out the lips like a lot of matte products do. As soon as I put it on I feel instantly fabulous! I have a yellow undertone to my complexion so orange reds suit me better than a blue toned red; which usually compliments someone with more of a pink undertone. Darker complexions luckily tend to suit both. Imagine Joan Smalls with this lip colour! Wow!





And there we are… my ‘Summer Time Sunrise Look’! Though I have to admit I can’t take all the credit. I was first introduced to this look by Celebrity Make Up Artist and good friend of mine Nathalie Eleni, she’s a true artist!

Check out her website.

I felt it was important to include this post as I know how difficult it can be to get yourself back together after a tough time. It’s important to be kind to yourself and you may have a go back to basics for a little while but that’s ok! Take a shower, go for a walk, have a trendy coffee, do whatever it takes to look after you. It’s essential to put in to get out; think of yourself as a bank account. Anything that drains you, for example, depression, trauma, burn out, pmt or just feeling not great is like a heist, it demands everything from your account, so it’s up to you to fill that account up again, unfortunately there’s no insurance cover.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post! Let me know if you have anymore tips on pampering yourself after a wobbly period.

Warmest Regards








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