Autumn Makeup.

Autumn or (Fall for my American readers) is my favourite time of the year.

The humid air leftover from the sizzling Summer turns crisp. The streets are littered with red and orange leaves crunching beneath your feet. Also Halloween and pumpkin spiced lattes!

Autumnal colours coincide so beautifully with the warm make up tonnes that has been in season for so long now. This is why I’m excited to combine my favourite season with my favourite makeup look… warm, smoky eyes!




As usual, I start with a clean base.

I will soon be doing a vlog/blog about my skincare regime so watch out for industry standard tips and tricks.

I then used the MAYBELLINE baby skin primer which is really soft to use and just glides on creating a stable base for the foundation.

My base of choice is NARS velvet matte tinted moisturiser in ALASKA. This is my everyday makeup uniform. I’ve been a loyal fan for years now and this colour matches my skin tone perfectly. Its lightweight formula produces great coverage which is great for a tinted moisturiser as sometimes they can look too sheer.

I then highlight and contour like I normally do. I will be doing a vlog/blog on how I do this so it gives a bit more detail.


Next is the fun part…. eyes!




I took inspiration from models and makeup artists as I wanted to stay away from the heavy Instagram/Youtube look. And keep it more subtle and fashion.

It’s so important to prep the skin. I didn’t use to and then wondered why my makeup would wear off during the day or go patchy.

I’ve been dying to use my new DIOR eyeshadow palette in DEVILISH. Look how gorgeous it is! I love it! Today I will be using the crimson, gold and brown colours; to of course replicate Autumnal leaves.





I start by using the LAURA MERCIER eye primer in FLAX. Then I dust some loose powder over the top for this look I used MAC translucent powder. This sets the makeup and makes it easier to blend the eyeshadow on top.

Using a flat makeup brush I take some crimson and gently pat down the colour onto my eyelid. Don’t blend at this point as we are just setting down the colour so it doesn’t have to be perfect at this point.

Once the intensity is to your liking glide the colour underneath the eye to give definition. This look was inspired by the amazingly talented Kate Jane Hughes (pic below I also used her work for the title page) you can check out her work here.

I love this look it’s so simple, but a bit more edgy than the classic taupe smokey eye. I also think it really compliments green/blue eyes.





Once the base is laid take a fluffy brush like this one (below) and start blending. I saw an Instagram post from Katie where she explains how to achieve a perfectly blended eyeshadow. Next step is to dip the brush into your translucent powder and then blend the eyeshadow even more. If you want a more intense colour simply dip the fluffy brush into the original colour and blend some more to intensify. Keep dipping and blending between the two until you are happy.



Next, take a small eyeshadow brush (I just used the sponge that the palette came with) and dip it into the gold colour. Dab the gold on the inner corner of the eye, you can even blend the gold into the crimson colour to give a beautiful sunset effect.

I then used a bit of the dark brown colour on the outside corner of the eye to give shading and dimension. You only need to take this colour a quarter of the way across the eye because we don’t want it to darken the crimson colour.

I then used a MAC beige kohl eyeliner in RISQUE on the lower waterline to make the eye appear bigger. Or if you want a more intense look like Karlie Kloss you can use MAC black kohl eyeliner in CLAY in the waterline. You can use this on the upper and lower lash line for a defined effect.

I remember Kevyn Aucoin’s advice on how to get grungy eyeliner look. Line both waterlines with black kohl and then blink/squint your eyes as much as you can until you create a black smudgy definition around the eyes. You can always go in with a cotton Q Tip and tidy it up if it gets too wild.

I then curled my lashes using my SHU UMERA eyelashes curlers.  BENEFITS bad gal bang mascara is my new favourite cult favourite. I love it! I don’t normally like rubber wands but this product really lengthens and curls my lashes without even really needing to curl them. For this look, I coated both my upper and lower lashes.

I pencil in my Eyebrows the way I normally do.

In the photograph, I used BARRY M lipstick in MANNEQUIN. It’s a glossy darker nude that volumises the lips leaving them looking plush and juicy. I really love nude lipsticks; check out my high street favourites Top 5 Drug Store Nude Lipsticks.



Couple this look with a long camel coat and there you go the perfect Autumnal look ready for the pages of Vogue.

Hope you enjoyed this seasonal look. Sorry I was late this week! Started University so my time management has gone a bit out the window. But I will be back every Thursday so if would like to see more posts like this don’t forget to subscribe.

Warmest regards

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