How to rock a black lip

Black lips are no longer just for the Emo’s of this world!

You can now reunite with your inner Rock Chick thanks to fashion.

I’ve always loved a real black cherry colour; and for me black takes it one step further. I got in touch with my dark side after I did a shoot with NARS for their ‘Velvet Lip’ collection (above). Make up by MUA Anna Priadka.




This was a beauty shoot I did around a year ago. I remember it was around Halloween which is one of my favourite times of the year. Gothic glamour all the way! Make up by MUA Nathalie Eleni Bouziotas.

We used a black eyeliner pencil to line the lips then filled in the rest of the lips in with a dark crimson colour. Followed by a touch of gloss to bring out my inner Vampire Queen.


These day’s people can rock a black lip in the day time as I have I the pictures below. Keeping the rest of the attire casual and the makeup natural balances out raven lips. I love this edgy look! It could almost be quite nineties! I’m wearing denim ripped shorts and a baggy white T-shirt. All I’d need is a pair of circular sunglasses and I’d be Shoreditch ready!




I was going to break down how I applied the black lipstick. But literally I just lined my lips with ‘MAC’ Eye pencil in Superfly and then grabbed a lip brush and applied my ‘BARRY M’ Lipstick in Black.

I’ve used black eye pencil all over my lips before when I was like 10 y/o dressing up as a Witch for Halloween, but of course its super drying for the lips and hard to get off. I liked this Barry M one as the texture is silky and despite being a soft consistency it didn’t smudge which is a life saver when you’re wearing black lipstick. And Barry M is Cruelty Free!!




It has a blue undertone too, so it’s great for making your teeth look pearly white!!

Rihanna could wear a bin bag and make it look stylish. As could Hailey Baldwin. Could black lipstick be the new red lipstick?


As you can see these girls are not scared of experimenting with their make up and nor should you be. Worst comes to worse you can just wipe it off. Wearing a black lipstick with the right look can exude high fashion; without worrying about looking like a Mime Artist.

Both RiRi and Hailey have kept their eye make up natural. The main focus should be on the beautifully defined inky lips.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a drug store brand I’d suggest the ‘SMASHBOX’ in Sheer Black Cream . It’s more expensive than Barry M but also Cruelty Free. This product is highly pigmented and hydrating which gives a slight gloss to the lips. But most importantly it stays in place which is imperative!

I’d say this product is definitely more Black Black, whereas the Barry M one seems to be more of a Blue Black as you can probably see from the photographs. Smashbox is similar to the colour Nikki wears in her tutorial.


I love this look by Nikki Tutorials. It’s a really modern take on a Signature Hollywood Look. Stunning! She’s gone a bit more dramatic on the eye, but keeps it classic. We want to swerve more towards Marilyn Monroe than Marilyn Manson.




I’ve had a look on Pinterest and found some outfits that I think would compliment ebony lips:



I love these looks. Especially the first one, which is similar to what I was wearing in my photographs above, you really don’t need to put that much effort in at all. This comfy get up is easy to wear, and a slick of black lipstick completes this trendy look.



I’m going slightly down the Goth/Rock Chick route for the night time outfit but why not? After all it’s where black lipstick originated from. I love a mustard colour with black; you could always wear black with bright yellow but you may run the risk of looking like a bumble bee. That leather jacket is to die for! What is it about leather jackets that automatically makes people look sexier? This jacket would also be so beautiful with a floral dress and a black lip; a flavour grunge mixed in with soft femininity really works wonders… opposites attract! The possibilities are endless.

I hope you enjoyed this post. It’s relatively short; but I just had one intention … to tempt you over to the dark side Mwahahaha!


Have fun experimenting.

Warmest Regards




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