My Hollywood Ice Queen Look


Hi Guys!

I’m so sorry I went awol! Had the worst Summer Cold/Flu ever! A fever in this heat is not fun!

Anyway, I am back with an icy blast; guaranteed to provide some relief during these sizzling heatwaves.




As you may have guessed I adore the Old Hollywood Era of bouncy blonde hair and glossy scarlet lips. As much as I love this look I wanted to give it a modern twist by enticing out my inner She-Wolf.

Nowadays, Makeup is a lot more fluid; the more experimental the better. It’s normal for bright pink hair to be coupled with a mute taupe lip in a trendy homage to the nineties.

I abided by the ‘rules’ of fifties glam by sticking to signature rouge lips and Marilynesque sleepy Cat eyes. But the silver/grey hair and the more abstract application of the eyeliner updates the look to 2018.


How I achieved my Ice Queen Look: 


I normally get a full head of creamy blonde highlights. I’ve realised I suit either light or darker shades; in between subtle colours washes me out.  For this particular look, I’d say you need a light/medium base blonde so the grey can really be seen. I would have liked my hair to be more of a sparkling silver, but I knew this was a shot in the dark as my hair isn’t that light (it probably needs to be verging towards white to achieve that colour). Anyway, I liked this dark pearl colour.




Sorry about the tissue in this picture I had one in my hand at all times during my cold and didn’t realise it was in shot when I whatsapped it to my friend! I promise I’m normally better at product placement!

The instructions recommended using two packets if your hair is below jaw length. I definitely found this to be true and had to buy a second packet the next day to intensify the vibrancy. This is semi-permanent … I actually love it and wish I had the guts to go full on permanent silver fox but I think my hair has suffered enough abuse!

I then used curling tongs to curl my hair. I learnt from New Year’s Eve that I prefer my hair at the end of the night when the wild curls had calmed down to a loose wave. This is what I’ve done here.

Wash your hair and after you’ve towel dried it apply a little mousse to the roots; I’m obsessed with Bumble & Bumble but there are more affordable options.

Give your hair a rough dry and scrunch it up with your hands to give it some OOMPH!  Section the hair and curl it until it looks you’re ready to audition for the new production of ‘Annie’! Then brush out the curls until the hair has relaxed into tousled tresses.



I am following the beauty trends and succumbed to the excellent marketing of HUDA Beauty. I invested in the HUDA Foundation in ‘MACAROON’ and a Beauty Blender. It’s embarrassing to admit but I didn’t realise ‘Beauty Blender’ was a brand I just thought it was the description of a product. So when I bought the cheaper version of the ‘Beauty Blender’ sponge it was so hard I felt like I was giving myself bruises when I tried to blend! I couldn’t understand why everyone raved on about it so much. Now I have the real deal I don’t know how I lived without it!

The foundation is gorgeous! It’s so light on the skin but also gives full coverage which is great to wear in this heat because of its lightweight formula! It also has a subtle sweet scent which I love. There’s a smooth finish so no horrible patchiness whatsoever! Definitely a new favourite!

As usual, I concealed my under eye darkness with NARS Liquid Concealer in ‘VANILLA’. This is such a lush formula and with my new beauty blender it just glides and blends in so beautifully!

I then dusted my T Zone with MAC ‘Transparent Powder’ to soak up any oiliness in the pores; no need for any filters this time ladies and gentlemen! It’s my secret weapon against evil HD Camera’s!

So my face matched my chest I used NARS in ‘CASINO’. I love ‘LAGUNA’ in this range but I wanted to keep the skin looking really soft. My Sun-kissed skin really suited the icy grey tones of my hair! Funny enough I’ve been asked a few times if this was my natural colour… I wish it was!

I added a pinch of colour by dusting some MAC in ‘PINK SWOON’. Again I wanted to keep my complexion soft and pretty so as to draw attention to the Eyes, Lips and Hair.

I used my trusty MAC Highlighter in ‘SOFT AND GENTLE’ which never lets me down! I wet the brush and mixed it with the product so the pigment would be more concentrated creating an intense glow! JEFFREE STAR Highlighter Palette in ‘PLATINUM ICE PRO PALLETTE’ would be incredible with this look. He’s an expert when it comes to highlighting and this platinum palette would be suitable for any Ice Queen ready to take over the world!




I lined my lips using MAYBELLINE in ‘MIDNIGHT PLUM’. I then used a MAC Lipstick in ‘REBEL’. I really think plum lips compliment the overall look; I was going to use a hot red lipstick but decided the cool purple tones in ‘REBEL’ kept it edgy.

To finish the lips I used a dab of Vaseline in the middle to give them dimension and volume.


The eyes must captivate and so to achieve this I used a different technique to draw attention to the windows of my soul.

The eyeliner was probably the most difficult part and took quite a lot of patience and holding my breath. To create this Cat Eye Effect I used MAYBELLINE in ‘MASTER INK LIQUID EYELINER’. I hear FENTY FLYLINER is supposed to be amazing! Not sure if it’s out in the UK … So if you live in the US I’m jealous!

I started lining my lids as usual but instead of stopping at the inner corner I carried on to give my eyes a sleek feline allure. This really elongates the eye, and if you wanted to do this for every day you can still extend in this area, just probably not to the extent I did with this look. I then used my visa debit card as a guide to draw my liner against and then carried it on beyond the outer corner of my eyes. To lift the eyes I kept the angle of my card slightly more vertical than horizontal. I then kept it there whilst I went over the line to thicken it.

So with the extension line, I used earlier in the inner corner of my eye I then went back to this and created a second extension going halfway to the under section of my eye. Quite difficult to explain! I only took it half way because I wanted to put glitter under the eye as well as the top lid.

I then just added a tiny bit of liner to the underneath outer corner of the eye. Hopefully, the photograph should make more sense then I am.


I also took inspiration from this enchanted Mood Board. It’s really beautiful and I love the colours. Grey is an offshoot of platinum, and platinum is Marilyn.

To keep ‘On Trend’ with my ice theme, I thought to myself what would look more dazzling and frosty than silver glitter! So I used STILA Liquid Glitter & Glow liquid Eyeshadow in ‘DIAMOND DUST’ which is absolutely dazzling! Because it’s liquid you don’t need to use a sticky base for the glitter to stick to; just glide and go. I don’t feel the glitter particles on my eyes which is great because glitter can sometimes be irritating. I dabbed a tiny bit on the centre of my eye and underneath the eye in the centre. It’s such a beautiful product! And really is the sparkling frosting on top of the cake.

Lastly, I used HUDA Eyelashes in Cult Classic ‘SAMANTHA’. I love how photogenic these lashes are and how they can either really open the eye, or create a Sleepy Siren effect.

I just pencilled in my brows like I normally do you can see how I do this here.

And there we are. This is my Ice Queen variation of Old Hollywood Glam.

Heat Magazine preciously made me up as ‘The Ice Queen’ to promote the launch of Universal Pictures ‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’. It was more of a natural look to replicate Emily Blunt’s Ice Queen. I loved the soft taupe eyeshadow to define the eyes and the clear gloss to give the lips an ice-glazed finish. Such a fun job to work on!




Hope you enjoyed my blog, and it’s given you a few ideas about looking cool in this humid weather. Mother Nature really is the most beautiful, and so is Marilyn!




Coolest Regards




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