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Happy Hallows Eve!

I thought I’d crowbar in another blog this week to celebrate Halloween.

My evil twin sister has made a special guest appearance this week to celebrate everything dark and sinister. Meet ‘Samsara’.

I love Halloween! Its perfectly placed in the year to help us adjust to the bitter cold after months of fun in the sun. I’m a big horror film fan so I love any excuse to binge on my favourite genre.

But the main reason I love Halloween is I get to dress up and paint my face with makeup I wouldn’t dream of wearing in the day. I consider Halloween a fancy dress party that the whole world is invited to.





I always wanted to go as Harley Quinn but I was a bit late to the party with that idea. Halloween 2016 seemed to be ‘the year’ of the Harley Quinn clones.

So I did my own villainous version and decided she was my evil twin. I wanted to keep the makeup one colour dark and strong to contrast my funky multi-coloured hair. Which I thought worked well.

Lets break down the look.


My hair is already blonde so it was easy to dip dye the ends.




This is the product I decided to use. It turned out as more of a violet colour instead of purple but I actually really liked it. I figured as Harley Quinn’s hair is blue and pink what do these two colours combine to make? Purple! … Well, kind of.

I always considered the ombre effect to be an intrinsic operation but I was relieved to find it’s surprisingly easy. I just followed the instructions on the packet and there we have it … blonde, violet hair.


I haven’t created such a strong dark smoky eye for a long time. I felt this bold statement makeup was a homage to my rebellious teenage years. It’s difficult at the moment because my skin is so dry from the cold and my eczema is probably at its worst. So makeup can end up looking patchy and flaky. All I can do is continue to exfoliate and moisturise. Eyeshadow does not like dry skin so I had to build this look up in baby stages to avoid too much fallout out from the eyeshadow.

After going through my skin care regime I use a intensive eye cream to pay special attention to this area that’s more delicate. I applied my LAURA MERCIER eye primer in FLAX. I like this one because its smooth, mousse like texture works well with dry skin.

I then went over the primer with my MAC TRANSLUCENT POWDER to create a strong base which is imperative when using such dark colours. Your eyes may look dry at first but don’t worry the dramatic makeup will cover this up. Everyone’s skin is drier when the temperature drops.

I then used my MAC eyeshadow in CARBON to build up a vampish intensity. The way I achieved my gothic smoky eyes was very much the same way I built up my warm smoky eyes in my previous blog Autumn Makeup.

I wanted to create more of a circular halo effect around the eye rather than cat eyes like I normally do. I dabbed the dark colour around my eyes to create an almost panda effect; then blended with my fluff brush because we do not want people thinking we are going to the party as Kung Fu Panda. I decided to go for more of a circular eye shape by using more eyeshadow underneath the eye and to the side without using an upwards motion.

I used ARBONNE eyeliner the way I normally do just to define the eyes. I’m not a fan of this eyeliner, I found it really patchy and it dries out quickly. I removed any excess makeup that fell onto my cheeks with makeup remover and continued to blend. Don’t worry about it looking too messy it goes with the theme.

I then went in with a white eyeliner pencil by MAC to line my inner lower waterline. This was to brighten the eye because sometimes using such dark colours can close the eye and make them look really small if you’re not careful.

One of my favourite stages to complete the look was too add my favourite HUDA eyelashes in SAMANTHA; they are as natural looking as they are dramatic and I have to say look amazing on camera!

I finished off the eye by coating the lashes with my new favourite BENEFIT mascara called BADGAL BANG. I love this product as it achieves doll like lashes and extends them to the point they could easily be mistaken for falsies.

I was going to add some glitter to the eyes but I wanted to keep the matte black look.


I pencilled in my Eyebrows 🤔 like I normally do. At some point I should probably be a bit more adventurous with them? Maybe even dye them blonde?


I used HUDA foundation in MACAROON. The I dusted some translucent all over my base to set it but also to pale out my skin out for a gaunt appearance.

The two main inspirations for my look were the pictures below. Karlie’s look is more high fashion and I could imagine this being the perfect look for a masquerade ball. Whereas Sam’s is more playful and would work well with a full on cosplay character outfit.



As you can see both ladies have created a cat eye by sweeping the colour upwards at the side of the eyes which I would normally do. But I wanted to try something different this time.

It’s normally against the make up law to wear a dark eye look with dark lips; but for Halloween anything goes. The more extreme the better!

I didn’t use blush this time just a really strong contour to carve out the hollows of my cheeks; which in real life was intense but for camera and Halloween it was perfect.



This is the NARS Limited edition ‘Steven Klein’ palette I own and adore. I used the contour colour located at the top centre. But I had trouble finding it online, so I found an amazing alternative in NARS Highlight/Contour here.

I added a touch of MAC Highlighter in SOFT & GENTLE to the cheekbones, nose and cupids bow to top this look off with a bit of vintage glam.


I was going to use to red to complete this look but decided to use black instead as like I said before I wanted to keep my makeup all one colour. Have a look at my previous blog How to rock a black lip 🖤 to see how I achieved this look.





And there we have it. The perfect Halloween attire for your evil twin to paint the town blood red with.

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Enjoy your Halloween fright night!


Scariest Regards


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