Review: Makeup 54 Disco Topper in ‘Glitterball’. You won’t believe how this product came out!

Makeup 54 is finally here. After 4 years in the making the groovy 70’s inspired makeup brand has taken the beauty world by storm. First to be released was the ‘Disco Topper’ collection. It’s the perfect sized appetiser to leave us craving for more.




Makeup 54 Founder Anna Priadka always wanted to launch her own makeup line. She was heavily inspired by the colourful era of the 70’s where silver eyeshadow and bold pink blusher was all the rage.  She was already an internationally successful Makeup Artist working for the famous beauty brand NARS. So to say makeup was a passion of hers would be an understatement.



I was lucky enough to collaborate with Anna when Makeup 54 was still in its infancy. As a model having my makeup done by someone else was a bit like Russian Roulette. Sometimes I loved it, but most of the time I wasn’t so keen because I’m a perfectionist and I have my own ‘way’ of doing my makeup. If you want to read more about my experiences as a model check out one of my latest blogs Why I gave up modelling 📸

I have to say (without sounding like too much of a cheerleader) when Anna did my makeup I was quite frankly gobsmacked. I’d already heard the rumour that she’s the ‘Queen of eyeliner’ and I was already a fan of her makeup artistry on Instagram. But my gosh! She exceeded my expectations and beyond! I desperately wanted to kidnap her and have her do my makeup everyday!




She spoke so passionately about her vision that you couldn’t help but get swept along in the excitement. Which is why I’m so happy and proud that her dream has now become a tangible reality.

As soon as the brand went live I showed my support by purchasing the sparkly rose gold DISCO TOPPER in the aptly named ‘Glitterball’.




When I hear the word ‘glitter’ I think of fallout, grit and eczema aggravation. But I wanted to try it despite my reservations and I also trust Anna.



My product arrived in a golden shiny envelope that made me feel a bit like Charlie when he received the golden ticket. I love presents even if they are bought by yours truly!




I was so excited I tried it on straight away. But …. it wasn’t a gloss? Pretty much everyone’s tried a matte lip velvet. But a matte lip velvet that was made up of glitter?

I’d never tried a product like that before so I was super intrigued! Anna explained that she created Glitterball to emulate a veil instead of a gloss. Which was music to my ears because as much as I love gloss; I do find the majority of the time I wear it I’m constantly unsticking my hair from my lips.




As for my gritty glitter phobia. The sparkle was refined and soft; I hardly felt it on my lips. I loved the glamorous, iridescent sheen that coated my lips. I wore it in the day time  with a soft smoky eye. I got so many compliments on my makeup that day! Definitely a good day!



From the Makeup 54 website:


The only accessory to be seen with on the dancefloor. Transform your lips before you hit the dancefloor and see the stars from the sky light up your lips with one swipe of this dazzling glitter topcoat. A special water infused gel texture, with moonstone extract gives a multidimensional, glittered effect when applied on lips. Once set it gives a long, locked in finish. Use with your favourite Makeup54 disco lipstick for the ultimate lip colour that is sure to get you seen.

Longwearing. Vegan. Fragrance free.

To remove, use an oil based cleanser’.

I loved this topper. You can wear it alone or over another colour to give your lips a luscious 3D sparkle! I would definitely recommend it to anyone!



Whilst writing this post I attended Stylist Live on the weekend and amongst the inspiring talks, fabulous beauty brand and LOTS of pink gin was ‘Makeup 54’. A cute little pop up stand buzzing with excitement. I waited my turn and checked out the other toppers. I was torn between GAYNOR and JERRY. I was feeling adventurous so I went with JERRY a statement blue red colour that complimented the rest of my natural makeup I wore that day.





I absolute love this signature bold red look. The texture is smooth, it’s non drying and stayed on all day despite my gin drinking! (Had to put it to the test!).

And of course I wanted to see what JERRY looked like under the GLITTERBALL veil. As you can see they compliment each other beautifully. I love this look; it’s perfect for all the Christmas parties coming up. And what better way to celebrate the holiday season than to have your lips shimmering away under the mistletoe!



A description of the colours by Makeup 54 :

Jerry – Classic Blue Red

Ross – Magenta Pink

Elvira – Peach Pink Nude

Gaynor – Caramel Nude 

They are all exquisite! I love the use of 70’s inspired female names to describe the colours. Such a great touch!

Disco Toppers are a great gift idea for that special makeup lover in your life. *Hint Hint*.

Rating: 5/5

Warmest regards



Top 5 Drug Store Nude Lipsticks



Trying to find the perfect nude is a bit like trying to find the Holy Grail.

It feels impossible.

But (without sounding like an Oracle) … I have the answer…. if not something very close!


Charlotte Tilbury promised to end our desperate searching for the perfect nude lipstick with her revolutionary lipstick PILLOW TALK . I tried it on and to be honest it felt sublime and gave my lips that soft pillowy effect (should do for the price tag).

The velvet consistency glided over my lips like a burnt sienna fantasy!



I don’t think you have to break your bank account to achieve a blonde bombshell pout.

Here’s my drug store recommendations:

RIMMEL: Kate Moss Range in 42

PRICE: £3.99

I love this! It’s such a fresh pink tone nude! So pretty! Kate Moss is the Nineties Queen of nude lipsticks and smoky eyes so you know you’re in good hands.

It’s affordable and can be worn with a slick of mascara or a signature supermodel smoky eye look.

It’s semi glossy but not too much; it’s light compared to the other nudes but I like that. Especially if I’m tanned!

I wish the product would have had a cool name to go with it as I’m a stickler for this marketing technique. But alas it’s just a number.




PRICE: £8.49

As you can see this product is more of an orangey nude. It’s velvet description is on point; the texture has a mousse feel to it and goes on consistently without any streaking.

I recommend coupling product this with a lip liner, even though I haven’t as I wanted you to see the product in it’s full glory. The reason I say this is because it seems to feather at the edges of the lips and doesn’t define well on it’s own.

It claims to be long lasting, unfortunately it wasn’t. I just put it straight onto my lips; maybe if you lay a primer underneath it will last longer. But definitely not 24 hours as it claims.




PRICE: £6.99

This flatters a natural look because of it’s sheer, light weight and understated appearance. You could even wear this colour over another nude, but I think it stands well on it’s own.

My lips are naturally pale so they can really show the nude colour for what it is. If you have more rosy red lips I’d suggest blotting a bit of foundation over your lips if you’re going for an authentic nude.

Not all nudes suit my skin tone, especially if it’s too light; you want the lips to look full and juicy … not anaemic. This is why a lot of trial and error is involved! As you can see I have a fair skin complexion but also I have a slight yellow undertone, so I have to try lots of colours to see what matches.

I love this colour because it has a tinge of mauve; this may sound odd but it really does look good! Just like salt and caramel shouldn’t go together but my God it does… so well!

I remember Angelina Jolie in her ‘Tomb Raider’ days mentioning she used a lipstick with grey tone to give her those pouty, voluptuous lips we fell in love with when she was ‘Lara Croft’…I figured if it’s good enough for Angelina.

Also out of all of them, this colour smelt amazing!. It reminded me of the vanilla essence they used to infuse ‘My Little Pony’ with which I loved. It reminds me of childhood where my love of makeup was first introduced by my Mum.



BARRY M: Satin Super Slick Lipstick in TRUFFLE SHUFFLE

PRICE: £4.99

This is the Kim Kardashian of the nudes. If I had to personify this colour, I’d say she was confident, sexy, knows what she wants and gets what she wants!

She’s a pouting princess…but I kind of love her! This colour plumps up your lips ten fold!

It’s very glossy and creamy but at the same time highly pigmented.

Personally this is more of a night time colour and I’d wear it with a natural eye. I think with a smoky eye it might be a bit much for me, but if you can pull it off … hats off to you!



GOSH: Touch Lipstick NUDE 162

PRICE: £7.99

Last but not least we have our coral, lustre gloss. This is gorgeous! It’s a mandarin colour that compliments my skin tone and I’d imagine most people’s to be honest!

This colour is for when you’re on the beach and it’s too hot to wear makeup. So you slick a bit of this lipstick on and the tropical colour reflects the suns gleaming rays perfectly.


If your stuck in a polluted concrete jungle like I am in London. You can still play out this fantasy by slicking a bit of this on and letting your mind wonder to the most exotic parts of the world.

This would look amazing with coral eyeshadow and bronze!

Only thing with sheer lipsticks is that they are quick to diminish. So it may mean carrying the lipstick around with you, which I don’t mind as the glossy texture works well as a balm for hydrating my lips.



So there we are. My TOP 5 Affordable Drug Store Nudes. In a later post I will be writing about my Top 5 Luxury Nude Lipsticks. I’m sure you can guess which product will already be on that list.

It’s Summer Time so whack on the Aviators and slick on a nude colour that would make Kylie Jenner jealous!


tenor 3


Hope to see you guys soon!

Enjoy the Sun!

Warmest Regards